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Hotmail.co.uk vs Hotmail.com: What’s the Difference? – Hotmail UK

Hotmail.co.uk and Hotmail.com are two different domains for the same email service provider, but what is the difference between them? Read to know more.

What is Hotmail?

hotmail uk vs hotmail.com

Hotmail is one of the most popular free services offered by Google with over 700 Million users worldwide, this includes 100 Million active members each month according to 2016 data.. In 1996, two students at Stanford University – Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, founded one of the first web-based email services called “Hotmail” (spelled with upper case letters).

What is Hotmail.co.uk?

Hotmail.co.uk is the localized version of Hotmail in the UK and Ireland which launched in June 1997, originally as an Internet service provider (ISP) before being bought by Microsoft a year later for $400 million USD. The site was rebranded to “MSN Hotmail” in 2005 when MSN became its default web-based email client but reverted back to simply “Hotmail” after 2009 because it more accurately reflected what customers wanted from their online experience.

Difference Between Hotmail.co.uk vs Hotmail.com

Hotmail.co.uk users will have access to a UK version of Outlook Mail with some unique features that you can’t find on Hotmail.com, such as VIP inboxes and spam protection from EasyList Plus filters in addition to their regular spam protection which comes standard with all Hotmail accounts (from Outlook). However, if you’re an American business owner looking for a more global reach then going with Hotmail’s .com domain might be best for your company since it has better international support than its British counterpart does.

How to Login on Hotmail.co.uk?

  • You can log in to Hotmail.co.uk with your email address, phone number, or security question and answer
  • You will be taken to a screen that prompts you for your password
  • Type it in here and click “Sign in”
  • If the correct password is entered, you will be able to see your Hotmail inbox.

Which Browser is Best to Login Securely?

You can use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers to log in securely.

How Much Data Does Hotmail Allow Per Month?

You get 500MB of data each month

What if You Can’t Remember Your Email Address?

If someone had access to your computer while logged into an old version of Microsoft Outlook Express they might be able to see any emails from people who sent them something during their time using that PC but not after they closed down the program.

How to Log Out of Hotmail?

  • Open up a new browser window
  • Type in the URL “hotmail.com” or “hotmail.co.uk”

Click on your username at the top right corner of the screen and select log out from there. You will be logged back into your account automatically when you close this tab with Hotmail open, this is just how browsers work so that they can save any information you type like passwords for websites or notes if you are using them as well (like Google Chrome).